• NOLNIR SHOP is finally open again! The shop undergone a major facelift with minor improvements here and there. So what's changed?

    NOLNIR SHOP is now digital products only.

  • Self-explanatory! Should we go back to selling physical products, they will be handled on another storefront.

    New, Simplified Layout

  • I've simplified the layout by a lot. What I wanted was a store that would be easy to navigate even on mobile and tablet. Previous layout was mildly confusing for some, so I've attempted to consolidate things and make it easier to navigate.

    Newsletter Signups

  • You can sign up for NOLNIR SHOP newsletters without having an account. Just hit the "Newsletter Sign Up" link in the menu or use the form towards the bottom of the page. When you sign up, you'll receive information on upcoming products, campaigns, promotions and other perks just for being on the newsletter list. You can change your information or opt out any time.

    Account Creation

  • Because it's a digital shop. a lot of information does not need to be collected for the account creation process. No credit card or sensitive information will be handled through my shop. All of it will be handled by Paypal.

    Monthly additions

  • New products will be added every month. Be it one, two, or even more!

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